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US reg non profit
501c3 tax ID 80 055 6546

What we do: Since 1986 Save a Child has been giving children a fresh chance


Today, several hundred sponsored children live in security, enjoy life, and advance their education to fulfill their potential as adults. Let’s make it 1,000!


Each child has their tough life story. All share one need: to have a fresh chance


Who makes this happen? The sponsor giving long-term support


Become a sponsor! Join the Save a Child family by sponsoring a child


Or give what you can towards our special projects and our small administration costs.


SaC helps children in all the ways I wished I could. Now I can.
(Erika, New York)

Gelato Giusto NYC
Save a Child Sponsor Summer 2015

164 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011
+1 212-647-1111